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Buying a Business

Looking to build a more lucrative future in New York or New Jersey? Working for someone else is certainly not the path that takes you there. Did you know that 75 percent of millionaires become so by owning their own business? Let the experts at LIBIN AND KATZ , help you down the safest path to financial independence. Smart people aren't starting businesses...they're buying them.

LIBIN AND KATZ  has been in business servicing New York and New Jersey since 1975, helping people gain financial independence by helping them buy and sell businesses. As one of the oldest and most knowledgeable business Consultants and Brokers in the NY/NJ area, we have been  lending our expertise and  guidance to buyers and sellers.

Our formula has been working for the last 35 years. Our businesses sell for maximum three to four times net profit as the selling price. Cash down is usually between a third to a half. Sellers should  hold notes for five years. Buyers will be able to have enough time to complete due diligence and check out the business.. Buyers will be able to bring in their own accountants to check out the  financials of the business.

We work only with the sale of a business that is well established and a seller that is willing to prove his numbers to potential buyer so that a buyer and seller will walk away satisfied.

At LIBIN AND KATZ we get results by bringing the right people together. We rely on our expertise to match buyers and sellers and assist each party in completing a successful transfer of the business. We're dedicated to helping our clients make confident decisions that accomplish their goals.

LIBIN AND KATZ will help you find a business or Company that will fit your financial requirements.

If you're looking for a business consultant and  broker that provides the highest level of service and satisfaction to its clients then you found the right site. At LIBIN AND KATZ we provide only the highest quality service backed by a diverse team of experts. With our knowledge and experience we have what it takes to meet your unique requirements.

At LIBIN AND KATZ we'll hold your hand throughout the whole process, from selecting a well established business to negotiations and closing. We eliminate all doubt and fright that you may have. When you choose LIBIN AND KATZ you can rest assured you're taking a positive step towards your financial independence. Take your first step by calling us today, 718-858-3252 for an appointment.